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Foam Curlers – The Trick

I’m sure you all remember them – bubblegum pink foam curlers that we sported overnight for some lovely locks in the morning. It’s a pretty fond memory for me though I’m not entirely sure why…but I was SO excited when my daughter wanted to get some at Walmart one day. *hip hip hooray* They were only $10 and a fun way to bring some of my childhood into her life. And they aren’t just pink either, but yellow, green, and blue as well!!!

So I did the typical, bath – wash hair – sit and watch movie while putting curlers in. The result….of course curly hair. But interestingly, this past weekend she wanted curly hair for the following day and it was already much past her bedtime and therefore past *squeezing a bath in* time. So I improvised….Spray bottle in hand I went to work. Lightly damp and a few final spritzes of water before wrapping her in the adorable head scarf that came with the set (WE BOTH LOVE IT).

And the result?? The curliest hair I’ve seen EVER from foam curlers (as in – her hair is normally almost to her butt…and it was shoulder length when I took the curlers out!). It was perfect….upon trying it again another night with freshly washed hair I realized it just doesn’t dry enough to have the curls REALLY set in. So I’m sticking with the spritzing method as it worked like a charm! The curls stay in so nicely all day and even through a second day. I was so impressed…and it really only takes a few minutes to put them in.

Thought those of you with little girls might appreciate the tip! I love sharing these moments with her – we’re building memories…and hopefully one day her little girl will want them and she’ll remember. ūüôā

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