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I’m sick in bed….

And all I want is this…

Subway’s veggie sub, with no tomatoes or black olives and definitely less onions than pictured. But definitely banana peppers (not jalapeno), lots of lettuce and cucumbers….and sub sauce. (I also like just pepper and a little mayo…and yes I’m putting it all on here just in case one of my faithful readers happens to be *in the neighbourhood* and wants to bring me one lol).

Last night on the way home from my parents place I was playing the DS while Brent drove. He was taking the corners a little fast and as a result I got some car sickness….and still, an entire day later, I have not recovered. Blah! When I’m feeling this way, the Subway veggie sub is pretty much the only thing that sounds even remotely appealing. So here I sit craving…and waiting….and hopefully sending Brent out to grab me one. Just a 6″ that’s all I need!

Hopefully a good night’s sleep gets me feeling better….

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