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September 2010

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Find the perfect gift…at

For anyone!!! Seriously. I happened upon this website during one of my many random google searches and was immediately hooked. I have yet to purchase something but am just waiting for the opportunity to knock (perhaps I should treat myself to a birthday present lol). Check it out – Using the handy little *gift finder* on the left, the site takes you through a small survey based on the recipient of the gift, which then lists items that match the…

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Some Etsy and Ebay tips

I am a huge fan of Etsy. Okay let’s face it, I’m just a huge fan of online shopping. I am constantly finding companies and products I am DYING to try – and love passing the word. I am finding more and more people that know about Etsy (which is great) but I’m also finding that lots of them are intimidated to use it or actually purchase from a shop…OR don’t know where to start. So here are some things…

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